Recycled rubber powder generated in Australia is a popular material for modified tile adhesive. The rubber powder provides the flexible properties of cured rubber to the tile adhesive. This helps prevent cracking, which can be caused over time by movement in buildings.

Controlled processing and storage conditions guarantee <0.8% moisture in all of the Tyrecycle rubber crumb products.Product consistency provides more certainty when adding to adhesive formulations.
Tyrecycle rubber crumb is produced from 100% recycled truck tyres with negligible fibre content.Product flows more readily through feed systems, reducing downtime from bridging and blockages.
Tyrecycle rubber crumb is produced through 4 stages of magnetic separation to ensure it has zero steel content.Product cleanliness minimises wear on plant and equipment.
Tyrecycle can supply in a range of packaging configurations –25kg stacked bags to 1,000kg bulk bags, depending on customer sizing requirements.Tailored delivery of the product to customer.
Largest producer and stock holdings in Australia allow adhesive plant manufacturers to have confidence when ordering.