Tyrecycle manufactures raw materials from truck tyres to meet the needs of moulding manufacturers across the country, including: safety ramps, speed humps, retail floor mats, rail crossing plates and a multitude of other products.

We supply these products in a range of packaging configurations for inclusion into the process at our customers facilities.

Matting Surfaces

A variety of matting products are made from recycled rubber, for internal and external use, in both commercial and domestic applications. These include non-slip door mats, and mats for workshops and kitchens. They are hard-wearing, don’t rot and can be washed easily.

Brake Pads

Rubber crumb is used in asbestos-free brake pads, reducing noise and improving wear. The use of heat-resistant rubber instead of asbestos-based materials is a relatively new technology in Australia but as well as lowering noise and improving wear, this product also minimises dust output to maintain vehicle appearance.