Tyrecycle is committed to high standards of corporate governance and acknowledge our responsibilities under all relevant health & safety legislation and other requirements. Maintaining and continually improving a strong and effective health & safety management system with the purpose of preventing injury and illness to promote health and wellbeing amongst our workers; contractors; visitors; the local community; and the public at our workplaces is of paramount importance to us.

Tyrecycle is an AS/NZS 14001:2015 & 45001:2018 certified organisation, focussed on safe and sustainable operations at all our facilities across Australia. The strict HSEQ management system comprises of inspections and auditing, training and competencies, risk and hazard management and other legal requirements. We are committed to achieving national certification across the 9001 systems through Quality Control Services (QCSE) Management Systems Certification.

Tyrecycle maintains a strong and effective environmental management system with the purpose of minimising the potential for adverse environmental impacts and of achieving positive environmental outcomes. We continually strive to improve our environmental management framework and environmental performance.