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WMR Cover story : Ripping tyre issues to shreds

Feb 2017

With new partnerships in place and market growth on the horizon, Tyrecycle CEO Jim Fairweather talks about the company’s direction and his aspirations for the tyre recycling sector.

When Tyrecycle announced a partnership with Barwick’s Landscapes to recycle Tasmania’s scrap tyres this past August, it was met with a mixture of relief and hope from locals and environmentalists. Tasmania has one of Australia’s largest stockpiles of end-of-life tyres (ELTs) at Longford – estimated at about 800,000 – a problem compounded by a lack of practical tyre recycling options in the state.

As Australia’s leading tyre recycler, and with the country’s largest crumbing plant across the Bass Strait at Melbourne, Tyrecycle was to many the logical option to step in and use its expertise and equipment to help with the problem.

The joint venture has seen Barwick’s invest $1.5 million for a purposebuilt facility at Bridgewater, where it undertakes primary shredding of tyres collected from its 12 retail sites. The material is then transported to the Tyrecycle facility in Melbourne for processing towards use in fuel, civil engineering materials, building and automotive products and other rubber surfaces...

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