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Shredded tyres turned into high demand product

Nov 2016

A company philosophy to always be on the look-out for innovative ways to improve its products led to Asphaltech forming a new and mutually beneficial working relationship with Tyrecycle. 

Asphaltech is a Civil Engineering company committed to constant technological advancements and world’s best practices in providing both innovative asphalt surfacing products and tailored solutions for pavement and road requirements.

“We originally approached Melton City Council who were looking for a supplier of bitumen crumbed rubber asphalt,” said David Simmons, Asphaltech Regional Manager.

“We needed a supplier of the crumbed rubber product and that led us to Tyrecycle.” Bitumen Crumbed Rubber Asphalt is asphalt which contains crumbed rubber obtained from recycling tyres processed by Tyrecycle to improve the properties of the asphalt layer.

Asphaltech has laid 3,000 tonnes of Bitumen Crumbed Rubber Asphalt in the Melton City Council area last financial year and another 3,000 tonnes to other interested clients and local councils. 

“This product can be used in various applications,” said Mr Simmons.

“The bitumen crumbed rubber enhances the properties of the asphalt. It provides the asphalt with greater flexibility and more resistance to structural and reflective cracking. It also provides improved waterproofing qualities.” 

Asphaltech and Tyrecycle are both long standing members of the Australian Asphalt Paving Association (AAPA), the primary organisation representing the Flexible Asphalt Paving Industry in Australia. 

AAPA has formed a Bitumen Crumbed Rubber Asphalt Working Group to explore and develop new applications and to promote bitumen crumbed rubber within the industry. Both Asphaltech and Tyrecycle are represented on this AAPA working group.

“The beauty of Bitumen Crumbed Rubber Asphalt is that not only is it a quality product but it also provides enhanced performance and environmental benefits. 

“Asphaltech has been providing asphalt and associated construction services for over 25 years throughout Australia. 

“We are always looking for ways to improve our product, our service to our clients and ways to lessen the impact on the environment.

“Bitumen Crumbed Rubber Asphalt is a desired and specialised product, our clients specify it because of the water-proofing and resistance to fatigue cracking that it provides,” Mr Simmons added. 

The use of Bitumen Crumbed Rubber within Asphalt surfaces demonstrates a proactive company strategy by Asphaltech to minimise environmental impacts and
promote recycled products.